Friday, June 15, 2007


All music is Emo, you sheep.
It vexes me to see a genre of music called "emo". I know that the music industry is a business, and it's a profit driven beast, but music itself is emotions.
Although it is a brilliant marketing scheme to coin the term "emo" and embrace the disenfranchised youth of today with a sense of belonging, it makes me ill that young, intelligent individuals would fall prey to such a ruse.
To me, a young man whining about how the head cheerleader wouldn't go out with him because his parents bought him a focus instead of a lexus doesn't really stir my emotions. Granted, there are different kinds of trauma for different people, but a middle class kid bitching about having to drive 30 munutes to get a good latte does not make me want to change the world.
In their quest to be more obscure and irreverant, the young people have grabbed ahold of everything that was jettisoned by the earlier generations as garbage, and "broken new ground" in music.They have excavated all the things that earlier acts have abandoned because they didn't work, and renamed them "indie", "garage", or the almighty "emo".
"Emo" seems to be carte blanche for someone to be weird and depressed just to be fucking weird and depressed.The fact that they can be categorized should go against the very fiber of what they stand for, yet they embrace the "emo" tag.
It seems that they want to say that their emotions come out in their style of music. To the world, I pose this question: What music does not express emotion?
There are obvious and not so obvious examples of this in ALL music classified by the music industry.For example:
Pantera's "Fucking hostile" tells the tale of a person's friends talking shit about him, and how it makes him feel. Common occurence and very moving, even though it would not be tagged "emo"
Lil' Wayne's " I miss my dawg" is the story of two friends divided by their own friends and how much Wayne misses his boy, Juvie. Another circumstance nearly everyone could identify with, however, not labeled "emo"
Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" is about how a man feels when he's cheated on.
Some not-so-obvious examples :
Tag Team's "Whoomp, there it is" is a song riddled with emotion. It's a feel-good story about you and your boys at a club hearing your favorite song, all looking at each other, and going "Whoomp! there it is" and dancing your ass off for no reason. We've all been there.
Destiny's Child "Bootylicious" is a song about feeling so inadequate that you can't talk to the pretty girl at the club. I, myself can identify with that.
Limp Bizkit's "I did it all for the nookie" relates the tale of a young man's quest for tail, and how he hates himself for it.
Irish folk music makes me happy, classical music makes me contemplative, speed metal makes me want to destroy villages, hip hop makes me want to bob my head, ska provokes me to jump .. basically, all music evokes a response, so to categorize one type as "emo" baffles me.
EVERYONE feels young and awkward.Just because some marketing company puts out a uniform and a soundtrack for youth feeling shitty, doesn't mean that the youth need to take that as gospel.
All music is inspired by and made from emotions, including greed.
Wake the fuck up.

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nautical_star8 said...

EMO is just another way of saying "Hey look I can wear my sisters skinny jeans, and eyeliner" Their all a bit limp wristed.