Friday, June 15, 2007

Review 1

I loathe MTV, and everything about it(except fot the occassinal NEXT viewing), but it got me yesterday.
I was flipping through the channels, and was called away from the TV mid-flip. I came back to see the last 30 seconds of some band on TRL. The lead singer has looked kinda like a cal punker guy, and the band looked cool as well. The played what sounded like some old 80's metal and a little punk.The little snippet seemed like it was o.k., so I watched and found out who they were. The band was Avenged Sevenfold.
I go to my favorite website, and download the entire catalog, wanting to check these guys out. I've seen their name alot, and was truly interested to see what these guys are about.
O.k.. I'm at work, cue up "City of Evil" on the iPOD. Ready to rock. First song starts, guitar crunching, the lead guitar wailing away over it. Alright, I'm digging it. Then the singer starts singing, and it all goes to hell. More wailing guitar that sounds like medievil harpsichord music over crunching guitars. This song is 8 minutes long ? Why do the choruses sound like a Warrant song ?? Why is that lead still playing the same riff ??
Phew ! .. Song 2 starts. Hmmmm Same guitar, same vocals, same chorus. Weird. This is track 2 ? yes.
Track 3. Wow, it's the same lead, I guess the Avenged guys really like that. Oh, and there's the same chorus, as well.
So, it turns out all the tracks are pretty much like that, and I for one, am not a fan. I listened to 2 other Avenged albums that sounded exactly like the first one I listened to.
My summation on Avenged Sevenfold: A band wanting to sound metal,punk, and harmonize all at once. Basically, if you combined Iron Maiden, Pennywise, and had some backing vocals by Dokken, you'd hit it right on the head. It doesn't work, never has. Ask Yngwie Malmsteen So, some agency found a burgeoning hair band, did a punk/retro/emo make over, and threw them a bible and said "write songs from this book"
If you wanna hear a band that does one thing, but does it correctly, listen to a little band I like to call Slayer. They haven't veered from the course by one inch. Check out "Reign in Blood" or "Diabolus en Musica". Fuckin' A right.
This is my first review, if it's well received, I'll do more.
Next up : Panic! at the Disco.

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