Friday, June 15, 2007

Review 2

So, in my quest to broaden my musical horizons, I download the new, "hot" act, Panic! at the disco. A former co-worker of mine selected the album "A fever you can't sweat out" as one of the ten best of 2005, so I decided to give it a listen.
Ok, iPOD loaded, new day at work, I've already drank my coke, and I'm set up to start working.Clear headed and in a reasonably good mood, let's do this. Earbuds in, press play.
A kinda cool intro plays, sounds like someone tuning a radio to different stations, then lapses into some acoustic guitar and the usual, young melodic voice singing about teen angst. Then the drop hits and some moderate rocking occurs. Ok.... not as terrible as i expected, I can at least get through this song. Wait ... what the fuck ? a late 80's synth break ??? hmm .. pulling out all the stops on this one I see.
Song 2, more painful, longing lyrics about how hard life is. SKIP SONG.
The third track starts with the cheezy 80's synthesizer, and a drum machine. There's a reason that shit died in the late 80's .. it was garbage.I find myself suddenly thinking about where the nearest Stabucks is.I feel like I need more black on, and my wrists feel naked, like I need some wristbands. I find myself having ill feelings towards my mother.
Well, I made it through 4 songs before I tapped out.
So, in retrospect, you can probably get a New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, or Dead or Alive CD in the bargain bin for about 5-8 dollars cheaper and hear the same shit. These artists are in the bargain bin for a reason:they suck ass. People figured it out in the late 80's, and it still applies today.
As I always do, I will suggest a substitution in your music catalog for this garbage. The album I chose to cleanse my ears with was: "Van Halen" by Van Halen. Plenty of songs about love and the tough life as a youngster. By the time "Janie's cryin'" was done my balls had actually dropped back in to their original position, and I was thinking about buying a truck.


god of the whoppers said...

have you ever heard of Isis?
kinda progressive metal with not too many lyrics. great for background music. Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Peeping Tom, Tomahawk) did one album( I think) with them. I really enjoy it as just background music while i am working.
I know this is going to sound gay, but the sound track from Amelie (sp?) is pretty good to...if your into french instrumental music...which i am...not?

nautical_star8 said...

Just to spite you I have to tell you I like Panic at the Disco.