Friday, June 15, 2007

Skateboard, lederhosen, and 2 live

A few blurbs about my weekend at the surf expo:
I met some really cool people that I figured would be assholes. I was wrong. Inversely, some people that I do know and thought were cool were assholes when in the presence of "the industry"
Girls that are bitches to a 6'4 black guy with platinum teeth on Fri night have a completely different attitude on Sat when they find out he's a pro skater. You know EXACTLY who you are.
Most heard quote Fri night: Oh, you're THAT guy.
Volcom booth was out of control. Free Hienies, pretzels, and Jager. Complete octoberfest theme, but it was called "Sausagefest". Brilliant. Anytime there's a guy in a suit crowdsurfing and drinking jager straight out of the bottle while techno polka music plays at 4:30 on a Sat afternoon and 50 people are shouting "EAST COAST!! EAST COAST", that's a fucking party.
Most overused quote during skate contest: "Coming in hot"
Apparently my buddy Kenny is a magician or has magic pants. Throughout the weekend, beers kept appearing out of his pockets.
I was actually happy to see someone from my past engaging in the same, horrible, self destructive behavior. They deserve the life they are living.
Free Mich ultra is still fucking horrible.
It was nice to see the beer bong making a comeback.
2 words : REEF GIRLS
2 live crew are pretty good, especially for free.
Most heard quote from Big Hughes " Stupes, kid, stupes.
Southern Comfort is evil and is now banned from my metabolism.
Smoking hot girls sometimes don't care what kind of ride you push. Sometimes.
Best nickname: Peterdong
Most heard quote on Sun : "Ugh"
I learned I'm not photogenic. At all.
I smiled. Alot

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