Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today, the wind isn’t like it was yesterday.
It signals a change. Today, I feel summer.

I actually FEEL summer. Not the full on, heat waves rising off the pavement, sweltering Florida in August summer, but it’s still here. The Summer Solstice is still months away, but summer is here. The wind is lighter, and you can sense the heat from the ground up, not just from the sunlight. The shadows are getting shorter, and the sunlight becoming richer, filling in the pale shades of spring. It’s a subtle change, but it’s definitely there.

I can hear the beach sand crunching underfoot; feel the sand baked to almost furnace like temperatures on the bottom of my feet. I feel the thirst that is so hard to quench that it leaves you breathless from trying to intake liquids to satiate. Instead of there being a hint of salt in the breeze coming off the ocean, the smell permeates the air, deep and rich, it fills the nostrils, announcing it’s presence, rather than alluding to it. It’s amazing how the sun solicits fragrances from seemingly mundane items and objects: asphalt, car interiors, grass, etc.

Things are starting to come alive again; the plants are getting prepared, much like soldiers readying themselves for inspection. Not quite at full attention, but you can sense that they are primed. A slight buzz is audible, as well. The insects are starting to signal that they are there. The incessant cacophony will be almost overbearing in a few short weeks.

The biggest change is in the sun. Sol is making the change from light source to heat source. It is the one constant in the Floridian summer. Never wavering, steadfast, domineering, overhead convectionary star. Giver of life and the sapper of strength. It will be overhead, bombarding us with cosmic rays for the next six months.

I, for one, welcome our returning solaric overlord.

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