Friday, April 4, 2008

Shit you SHOULD be listening to.

Well, I’m by no means a critic in any professional sense, but I will treat(?) you guys to my insights on things that I think are damn good. Or, are damn bad.About 2 months ago, I stumbled across a video of a couple playing acoustic guitars. The reason I clicked on the video was the title: "Acoustic performance of Orion". Being a fan of old Metallica(And justice for all and anything prior to that), I was, to say the least intruiged. This was one of the best choices I’ve made so far this year.Rodrigo y Grabriela are a real-life couple who happen to play acoustic guitars together. Their style could be classified as "Flamenco", but it’s so much more. I, myself am a fan of musicianship, not sticking to any one genre of music, and this couple doesn’t either.Rodrigo and Gabriela are from Mexico and played in the spanish/Mexican metal band Tierra Acida(also another band you should check out). Since then, they have moved to Ireland, and perform around the world.They play a mix of covers of rock and metal songs along with their own tracks. The covers have the odd ability to stay true to the original, but at the same time sound completely different, in the best possible way. The originals they do are Flamenco, but don’t sound like they are. If you are a fan of guitars in any form, you must hear these two do their thing. It is nothing short of amazing.



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