Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is your dad's Metallica

Remember a really good band in the late 80’s called Metallica? Didn’t think so. That’s because ever since “And Justice for all …” they’ve sucked out loud. Personal issues, egos, and poor choices in production killed anything that resembled the band that released “Kill ‘em All”. Gone were the mach 3 guitar riffs. Gone were the tempo and time changes. Gone were the ….. balls.

“Death Magnetic” will place those once removed balls directly on your nose, and not in a dainty fashion. Much like when Rancid released ”Rancid(2000)”, Metallica gleaned what they did best and went back to it..

“Death Magnetic” is a triumphant return. Instead of five minute gutless covers, the listener is carpet bombed with eight minute tracks that will gently remove your brain from your cranium, have sex with it, put your brain back in your head, and then smash your skull with a turbocharged sledgehammer. It’s like being shot in the face point blank with a bazooka filled with broken glass and hydrochloric acid. It’s Cloverfield on anabolic steroids.

If there was any doubt that Rick Ruben was a god prior to this release, his deification is imminent. Working with bands such as Slayer, Danzig, Public Enemy, and the Beastie Boys, Rick Ruben has established himself at the top of the food chain when it comes to producers. With “Death Magnetic”, Ruben has taken a shit on anyone that has ever thought of producing music. He’s that damn good. The arrangements are unthinkable. This guy knows his shit.

The track Broken, Beat, and Scarred, is probably the best example of what’s been fixed. While it is not one of the faster songs, it does not drag along. It combines a more mellow sound, but does not resemble Creed, like other Metallica offerings have. It shows maturity, but still gives a nod to the early Metallica. sound. It is distinctly Metallica, yet new.

I hesitate to call The Day That Never Comes a ballad, but it is a slower song. Much like One, or Sanitarium, it is more harmonic and introspective. The guitar is haunting, and Hettfield’s voice complements the mood. Do not fear, like the aforementioned tracks, The Day That Never Comes culminates in the usual, rock your face off fashion.

The crowning cut by far is All Nightmare Long. This song encompasses everything Metallica does well: changes, gunshot-like drums, crushing rhythm guitar, impossible bass lines, lead guitar that seems to dance with you while cutting at your very fiber, and the copyrighted Hettfield growl. All Nightmare Long is a sonic ear raping of biblical proportions.

Suicide and Redemption is 10 minutes of unadulterated musical mastery. All 4 members are on display in this vocal-less audio beat down. Lars Ulrich once again proves he is one of the top percussionists in the world, providing unfathomable changes. Kirk Hammet’s solos move effortlessly from soulful to savage, starting slowly and moving into an audio blur, and then surrender themselves back into the groove. Hettfield’s rhythm work is equally complex, and very, very tight. Robert Trujillo is just what Metallica needed; fast and punishing, but able to transverse all the changes without missing a step. This line up is unreal.

This is a nonpareil complete album. Every song is, if not a masterpiece, epic. Definitely the best album Metallica has made since And Justice For All ….. From top to bottom, there is not a weak spot to be heard.
Buy. This. Album.


Jason said...

That review was flawless in all aspects save one...I still love everything since "Justice", for a wide variety of reasons.

However, since you were so 100% RIGHT about Death Magnetic, you are my new review God.

As I told my nephew, if you don't have this album, your soul is forfeit. Not just your life, but your very SOUL will amount to nothing without this album.

Well done Shoeless!!


oc phil said...

As I was listening to "And Justice for All" on the ipod when I was exercising this morning I was thinking about how I really didn't care for the last few Metallica albums.

You just convinced me that this one is what I'd hoped for and that I won't be disappointed this time.

Killing My Liver said...

I don't think that you will. I was completely surpirsed by this release. It is truly amazing.

WeisGipper said...

You know what it is also truly amazing: ND 35 UM 17

Or how about that doozy last weekend in the not so Big House: Toledo 13 UM 10

WeisGipper said...

Be a man and don't delete other's comments. It just shows how much of a big pussy you really are!

Killing My Liver said...

Truthfully, unlike you,I don't sit there and wait for people to comment on what I do share.
The only reason I even came to check this is that I knew you were going to do the exact thing you did.
I'm not a pussy at all, actually.

WeisGipper said...

Keep telling yourself that, son! Remember you can't polish a turd. And you sir, are a major turd and a half. In fact you are the skidmark on the underpants of society.

I'm finished here!

Killing My Liver said...

While I'm thankful for your visit here, I'd ask you to keep your commments pertinent to the post.

Thanks for dropping by.

WeisGipper said...

Instead of liver, you should do all of us a favor and kill yourself. No one would miss ya!

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